Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I fell off my blog.

I've been trying to climb back on it. There are so many reasons, some simple, some  really quite profound. But mostly it's just time. In the several-times-a-day scuffle with priorities, it seems to have fallen in a great heap at the bottom of the enormous pile. Even lower than the washing, which is saying something (and which is also an enormous pile).

So while I try to work out the ropes and rigging (for the climbing back on, you know), I'll enjoy fresh sunflowers on a table in desperate need of oil. The table, which once sat pristine and unused in my grandparents' formal dining room, now graces the kitchen in my new home. MY NEW HOME! It's a tiny house that needs a lot of love, but has already been transformed, in the space of less than a month, by paint and scrubbing brushes, the  incredible generosity of good friends, and the laughter, shouting and singing of my three gorgeous girls.

I'm about 50 days late, but happy new year! Here's to fresh beginnings.


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