Friday, February 22, 2013

A Very Boring Blog Post... let you know that, after much consideration, I've decided I need to increases prices to bring them more into line with the amount of time and quantity of materials involved. 

It won't happen till March 1st. You can buy hats at current prices until then.


  1. I thought they were quite cheap, I don't blame you for upping the price, especially for something that is handmade and designed locally! It's hard pricing stuf though, I know. You don't know how to put a price on your work so you say "ohhh materials plus minimum wage I suppose..." Someone once told me to price it and then double what your initial thought is!

  2. Perfect photo for it...and a good move, I think.

    Your work is worth it.

  3. Good for you! Don't under sell yourself. Your hats are gorgeous and a rare find.


  4. oh i love that picture and the colour of the hat and i just found out you sell hats...NOT BORING AT ALL! XXX


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