Thursday, August 18, 2011

Do You Hear the Drums...

I had to give something out of this remarkable book a go. The Fluffy Draught Stopper was tempting, as was the Fur Rat Door Stop. In the end, buoyed by a reader request, I settled on Frog. 

The instructions were scant, dare I suggest inadequate. I ever so slightly enlarged the pattern and it ended up a bit fatter and squatter than the frog in the photo. My finished frog is a little over 10cm (4 inches) long.

I chose two vintage fabrics - both recycled sheets/pillowcases.

I sewed all around with a tiny stitch, leaving one foot open.

Then I wrestled a crocodile, I mean, turned it inside out.

Being square out of "fine canary seed", I filled it with barley.

Then I handstitched the open foot.

Eyes were added.

Et voila! We have named him Fernando.

PS I've finally done something creative on a Thursday so I'm joining in with Our Creative Spaces for the first time today.


  1. Fernando is great! Very cool, love the fabric too!

  2. He is very cute...and I would say the fatter and larger the better for a doorstop!

  3. He is so cute - love the green ditzy print and the larger print for his underside. Thank you so much for the pattern and your mini tutorial. Like his name too!

    Having trouble with typepad - can't upload photos (ugh)- so maybe it'll give me some extra time to make some stuff. :)

  4. POSTSCRIPT! Instead of leaving the foot open to turn the frog inside out and then fill, try leaving the, ahem, area between the legs open. I've realised that it would solve a lot of fiddliness.

  5. He's fantastic!
    Great fabric choice, and I love his name too.
    Thanks for sharing the tutorial.
    And the Postscript...

  6. Have you tried kissing him yet? You just never know!
    Just read your 'vomit' post too, had me laughing hard (sorry) but I've had similarly eventful nights/days/car trips too - all part of the journey... x

  7. I made this frog myself when I was about 7 years old. We made it at school, handstitched the whole thing and filled it with rice.
    I played with it a lot, really a lot!
    It brings back so much good memories. At it happens, mine was green too...

    Love your frog too!!


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