Sunday, March 2, 2014


++ Visits with dear friends
++ The re-arrangement of the stuff
++ A very important birthday celebration. Four! My babies!
++ The brightening up of corners in our new home
++ Handmade gifts from lovely little people (whose mother allows glitter! Brave woman.)

We're settling into the same old rhythm within these new walls. The work/school routine is keeping us busy. So much is so good right now. There's uncertainty, yes, but such possibility. 

{Thank you for your beautiful comments on this post, and for welcoming me back with open arms. I don't know where I'll fit this blogging lark into my already overflowing days, but it means too much to me to let it go.}


  1. Such colour and joy here Greer, happy birthday to your big little girls. mel x

  2. So happy to hear that all is good with you and your girls.

  3. I still LOVE that dress you made Lola ... the little bag, (of the same fabric), that Nora's hat arrived in, is where we house all our finger puppets.

    And happy 4th birthday Stella and Pearl. Those cakes are amazing. Greer, you've inspired me to make something special for Nora's second.


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