Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Life + Lemons {The Honey and Lemon Drink}

She wasn't very unwell, but there was just enough snot to warrant a day home from preschool. As she settled on the couch with a blankie around her shoulders and everything she needed within reach, I headed out into the rain to pick some lemons from that tree

It's the same simple recipe my mum made for me when I had the sniffles. The juice from one lemon, strained. A teaspoon of honey. Boiling water poured over. The whole thing stirred to dissolve the honey, and left to cool just enough for a four-year-old taking full advantage of a runny nose, a rainy day and a mum who needed a day on the couch as well.


  1. Hello, I am new to your blog, but I have enjoyed reading the posts that I have looked at so far, and I look forward to reading more. Honey and lemon is a great idea for when you are under the weather isn't it, sure to cheery you up. I hope that your little one is feeling better very soon. xx

  2. Hope the lemon drink and the chicken "broff" from yesterday have worked their magic for her. Dad used to make it for me. When spring comes, give your tree a good dose of citrus food and a pile of something local and organic like chook or cow poo and it will reward you well. Feed twice a year.

  3. C has a similar "tea" when he gets the sniffles. So comforting.
    Glad the lemon tree is living up to its promise!

  4. Oooh lovely home made lemon drink, nothing like it to make you feel soothed and cared for. I have tried the packet stuff twice in desperation, when living out of town with no lemons, YUUUUK, I started dry retching badly after 2 sips.....seriously gross stuff, never again !
    Will we see some pics of the cottage soon ? hope all is going well.

  5. You know, while it isn't nice for them to feel unwell, aren't those, at times, just the loveliest days?

  6. To have your own lemon tree ... a joy that can only be dreamt of when living in Wales.

    I hope everyone is well now x


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