Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pink and Purple

Another knitting catch-up. 

Long, long ago, before I had my babies, and soon after I had taken up knitting as an adult, I knitted my very first real garment (that is, not a scarf). It was from this book by Debbie Bliss, which I blame for the knitting bug that bit me all those years ago - so many sweet little baby things and such beautiful yarn to match. It was the jacket with moss-stitch bands and I made it in the suggested Baby Cashmerino in a gorgeous rich grape colour. And on completion, it went into a box for a future baby of mine.

It was worn and hand-washed and worn many times by my little Lola, but she grew so quickly and was soon too big for it. So away it went again in case there were any more girls in our future. Then two new girls arrived, so out it came. But it needed a partner. A few more balls of Baby Cashmerino in a warm dusty pink, and there was the matching pair.

While Lola outgrew her jacket at only a few months old, these two are still going strong at six months plus. Then again, she was 2.5 kilos heavier at this age. The Baby Cashmerino is luxurious and drapey and feels so soft. A normal stocking stitch is beautifully defined and looks like something much fancier. Alas, even with careful hand-washing, it pills and looks worn quite quickly. (You can see it in the picture above).

And out of the archives, here's Miss Lola in the original at about 7 weeks old. Tres cranky!

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