Thursday, October 21, 2010


I bought a new sewing machine several months ago and it has sat on the desk gathering dust while I proceeded to collect patterns and ideas and fabric etc. I haven't really sewn anything since I learned as a teenager, and it was beginning to look like I might never actually begin a project. But I decided to start small. Two nights ago I cut out the fabric. Yesterday, in a few short bursts, I sewed. Last night I wove in the elastic. And here is the result - modeled by little Miss P, a dandy pair of blue spotty bloomers for those warmer days when a baby needs to feel the sun on her chubby legs. 

The pattern is from this book by Lotta Jansdotter.

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  1. between you and Kel on Dear-Olive you have given bloomers a new resurgence. Two entries on the same day devoted to bloomers. Pearl looks gorgeous. I love little girls in blue, esp blue eyed ones.


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