Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Granny's Cookbook

After all that, it turns out my Granny did leave a hand-written recipe book behind. It arrived in the mail today, sent by her son, my uncle, after reading my post about her chocolate caramel slice. Alongside a variety of alphabetically arranged recipes written in her familiar all-caps hand are dozens of magazine and newspaper clippings. Some of the recipes are very retro (Easy Cheesy Quiche, anyone?), others reveal the changing times  - Mediterranean chicken, Thai fish cakes, spicy spinach and pumpkin curry. 

There are three recipes for caramel slice, but I suspect the one we know and love is that marked "my choice". I'll test them out over the coming weeks and report back. (Yes, Unc, I'll be sure to make you the official taste-tester xx)

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  1. How awesome. I just love old recipe books.

    I found you on the competition for Pip's book and it was imperative I click on your lovely name and see what you do.


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