Monday, February 7, 2011


It's been busy around here. And hot. Me and the toothy one took a brief trip interstate to see some lovely friends, then returned in time for THE HOTTEST NIGHT IN HISTORY* on Saturday. After a day and evening with the mercury hovering around 42 degrees, I lay in bed at 2am drenched in sweat as the weatherman reported it was still 30 degrees outside. And after all that, the following evening the temperatures had dropped so much that the kids were rugging up in cardigans.

And on the topic of cardigans, I paid a little visit to my favouritest-est yarn shop, this time armed with an actual list. Of wool to buy. In correct quantities. For planned projects. It seemed a good way to avoid just buying a ball here and a skein there, succumbing to the temptations, adding to the ever-growing stash of idle yarns. I left with a bag of yumminess and a halo shining o'erhead. I've even cast on - a grass-green lacy scarf for moi. And when I finish it, I will forevermore remember it as the scarf I cast on on THE HOTTEST NIGHT IN HISTORY*.

And it was OK to spend the money on that yarn because today I saved myself thousands and thousands of dollars. A year ago I managed to squeeze a baby capsule on either side of Lola's car seat across the back seat of my car. So tight was the fit, every time a door was closed, all of the seats moved across just a smidge. Today, with babies growing fast and four little feet hanging way over the edges of the capsules, I went on a mission to replace them with upright seats. And for a brief 10-minute period, as a very knowedgeable sales assistant wielding a tape measure and a notepad assessed my car with a worried crease in her forehead before telling me it wasn't gonna happen, it looked like I might be in the market for a new, bigger, wider car. Thank the lord, we tried out some display models and were in luck. So now Miss L has her very own super-duper booster, Little P has a swanky new seat (a compact model for a compact child) and Babs has been lumped with the biscuit-encrusted hand-me-down of her big sister (no doubt the first of many, many, many in her lifetime). So now that I'm approximately, let's say, ooh...20 grand richer - taking into account the trade-in, you see - I might treat myself to a new pair of shoes. Seems reasonable.

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