Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More Bakin'

Such was the heat here today, and despite a morning at the pool, the aircon was barely touching it. This evening I resorted to an old technique that used to cool me down on sweltering nights working in restaurant kitchens. You take a couple of icy-cold eggs from the fridge and nestle them gently in your armpits. It cools you to the core in seconds, and when the eggs lose the battle with your body warmth, just swap them for another pair of coldies. I've never experimented with how hard you need to press your arms against your body to break them - there hasn't been an accident to date. And will the eggs be flavoured or, dare I say, scented, if I put them to use at breakfast tomorrow? I'm not even gonna go there.

Here's another pic for this little project I mentioned last week. This one was a treat - think flourless orange cakes, coconut, vanilla...lemon curd...fresh raspberries...mango... Please, stop! I'm just gonna give one little hint - oh, Adriano.

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