Monday, August 8, 2011

I Won MasterChef!

Well, not me exactly. But the actual winner is my age, has as many kids as me, lives in the town I grew up in, has reddish coloured hair that seems permanently pulled back in a pigtail and wears glasses. My own daughter saw a picture of her back in the early days of the competition and shouted with excitement, "Mummy, it's you!" She has even admitted to pretending she was hosting a television cooking show when she used to bake as a kid. I DID THAT TOO!

We're different on two counts, it would appear. A quick google today revealed that she's an evangelical Christian. And she is clearly a far better cook than me.

But what's important in all this is that there is a winner, which means 14 weeks of six-night-a-week viewing has come to a close. I've made no secret of being a fan, but I'm not sad that it's over.

Hello, evenings. Glad to have you back.

Two cheeky monkeys watching MasterChef last week. Both of them had already been put to bed at least once.


  1. That's funny! Nearly every night C would say "she's so like Greer" Congrats anyway...? Xxb

  2. OMG! Us to Bri!! My kids thought it had to be Aunty Griggy's sister cause they looked so alike!! So, Griggy....when are you auditioning?


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