Monday, August 22, 2011

One Year On...

Sometime over the weekend, this little blog turned one. That's one year since I started posting here regularly (I had a bit of a false start before that). And though my readership is small (but growing) and I am still finding my voice, being here regularly has made me very grateful.

I'm grateful for having this blog in the background of my often chaotic weeks to bring me back to centre. I'm grateful to have a small record of those chaotic weeks with this little family. I'm grateful to have discovered so many other amazing blogs and bloggers to inspire me to bring creativity into my days. And, most importantly, I'm grateful to have finally, after all these years of trying (and failing), found something that gets me writing on a regular basis. 

Most of my adult life I've been trying to be a writer. I've dabbled in playwriting, screenwriting and journalism. But I never found a rhythm, and I was never disciplined enough to do it often enough to see what could become of it. And now, without even trying to 'write', I'm writing almost every day. And it feels good.

So hip, hip hooray!

Sometime over the weekend, this little pair of peanuts hit the 18-month mark. One and a half years old! How did that happen?

So how about a few facts. 18-month-old facts. Here goes...

  • runs everywhere, rarely walks
  • can sing 'Happy Birthday To You' (but refuses to do it in front of anyone except us, or for a camera, so no-one believes us when we say she can do it)
  • calls her big sister 'Wowa!' and her twin sister 'Pow Pow' (Pearl Pearl)
  • is into slippery dips
  • is overwhelmingly generous with kisses and 'tuddles'. "Tuddle, Mummy?"
  • loves books as much as her big sister did at this age
  • is incredibly laidback until someone takes something she wants, in which case she shouts, "No, no, no, no, no. Mine! Mine!"
  • loves shoes

  • waddles about like a little old lady (I call her Doris)
  • has a funny little husky voice and is far more reticent than Stella, but often surprises us with a stack of new words she's been saving up
  • is the dancer of the family; will start the elbow pump and knee bend at the slightest hint of a song
  • will always choose the swing, and will swing for the entire time we're at the park
  • needs a cuddle top-up several times a day (much like a car needs petrol) - when she's upset she climbs up, burrows into my chest, has a bit of sigh, then runs off to play again
  • still has the longest eyelashes in the land
  • loves shoes

Hip, hip hooray again!


  1. Happy 18 months to your twins. Adorable expressions - something to cherish as they get older. And Happy Blog Birthday to you! Why is it that writing can be both a joy and a chore (sometimes simultaneously). Here's to having more joyful times.

  2. Well done Greery! My golly goodness Pow Pow is looking more and more like Wowa everyday! Give them a big kiss from all of their cuzzies love em

  3. Happy bloggy birthday, I find it to be utterly rewarding and inspiring, but sucks up soooo much time as I get distracted by the all loveliness out there. I'm sure my house would be tidy if I didn't blog.
    Big Happy 18 months to your girls, they are adorable.

  4. Happiest of birthdays and a half little Poppets. My FAVOURITE (one of Annabelle's spelling words this week) twins are getting so big and Aunty Wolly misses them all the way up here - come up for a play girls! Message to Colette - I don't blog, this is the only one I read, and my house is still untidy!!!

  5. Hello! Just having a quick flick through your blog and I'm loving what I see. Your girls are darling (love the names!) and I really love what you've said about blogging - it is a wonderful creative outlet, isn't it?

    Nice to 'meet' you.
    Claire x


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