Friday, November 18, 2011

To Do

Don't you love a quiet lead-up to Christmas? Time to shop for the perfect gifts, pen thoughtfully worded cards to your nearest and dearest, hand-make stylish decorations to brighten your home and hearth, plan a delicious Christmas menu.

We have a few things to get out of the way before we can start thinking about all of that yuley stuff. There's our much-anticipated week at the beach with a group of lovely friends. Then there's the wedding of the year, when my dear friend Amanda will marry her lovely Tim. My outfit is already arranged - miracle of miracles - so now I can concentrate on my two other jobs, making the wedding cake and singing at the ceremony. (Not alone, thank goodness, as I'm not really a singer, but it's a continuation of the tradition of this group of girls serenading each other on the big day.) And then we have the end-of-year celebrations at preschool, including the Christmas concert.

Oh, and we're moving house too. A week before Christmas.

Turns out the white picket fence was meant to be. And now it's ours...for a while.


  1. Yeah i am so excited for you. Pencil me in for moving/babysitting/unpacking duties - i am around the week before xmas so that is great timing.

  2. Oh my, you do have much coming up! So glad the white picket fence is going to work out. :)

  3. It'll be exciting to be in your new home...but I hope you can find a few elves to help you out over the next month. Goodluck!


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