Tuesday, October 1, 2013

In the Press

Some months ago, an email arrived from a land far, far away, requesting I send a couple of my bonnets off for a potential photo shoot. They arrived just in the nick of time, and life rolled on, and I forgot about it. Then I heard word that the photos were going to make it into print. And today my copy of Papier Mache magazine arrived, within it a fantastic feature interview with one of my absolute favourites in this blog world, Flannery O'Kafka, alongside images from her incredible fashion shoot entitled 'When My Father Was At Sea'.* 

This is all very exciting for a country mama who spends most evenings on the couch knitting in her jimjams.

PS I'm going on holidays next week, so the shop will be closed for a couple of weeks from tomorrow. Stay tuned for some exciting new things when I return...

* Bonnets aside, this woman (and her ridiculously beautiful family) is very cool and very inspiring. You should seek her out and read about her.


  1. How wonderful! Those shots are amazing!

  2. Greer your an international knitting super star!! How wonderful for you! Enjoy your break lovely one and can't wait to hear of your exciting news :)

    Sophie xo

  3. That is so exciting, you must be so chuffed, enjoy every minute of your bonnetty fame! mel x

  4. That's such an exciting venture and achievement. Your creations are amazing miss 3 wears hers sometimes to bed she loves it that much. Champagne moments are wonderful. Yey you!!!

  5. What a wonderful treat & surprise ~ you deserve the recognition! Enjoy your holiday.

  6. Wowowowowowow!!
    I think we need a famous Greer bonnet in our lives.
    For sure!!
    Happy holidays. xx

  7. Congrats Greer! That is so exciting!
    Enjoy your holiday!

  8. How exciting, congratulations!
    They are super gorgeous, if I could force my girls into a bonnet they'd have one too.

    Enjoy your holidays, x

  9. Congrats Greer, super exciting!!! Have a fabulous holiday. Mel x


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