Friday, September 27, 2013


:: My new Orla Kiely mugs, the perfect size for a homemade soy latte.

:: An Amelia Herbertson lino print bought last year on a trip back to my home town.

:: Fabric and yarn, always fabric and yarn

:: Raspberries, bought frozen, eaten as is and baked in everything.

:: A red door, pride of place in my new home.



  1. I love seeing all these reds, such a fun way to group photos! The cover of that book looks so lovely too!

  2. I have such a hard time embracing red, and yet it is so wonderfully warm and rich in your home. Too bad you are continents away-- I should very much like to have you the girlies over for some tea and advice.

  3. So many lovely things!
    I love those mugs...and am now craving a frothy coffee perhaps with a side of raspberry yogurt cake.


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