Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sew Vintage: Simplicity 7068

My littlest girl is a very big fan of all things bunny rabbit. When I saw some bunny print flannelette fabric at the op shop recently, I knew just what to do with it. She didn't let me forget my promise of new jim-jams until the elastic had been threaded in and the last button sewn on. We chose a pattern from 1978 and some vintage blue buttons from my grandmother's collection. 

I reckon as long as no-one looks too closely at some of the finer details (that collar!) then everything will be just fine.

Pattern: Simplicity 7068
Fabric: New, thrifted
Buttons: Vintage Beutron
Miffy accessory and cutie-pie smile: Model's own.


  1. I have yet to any kid pull out the tape measure to check my work....long may it continue. And my miss has moved on to nighties which are even less work, bliss.

  2. That fabric! That little lip curl....that girl. She's such a sweetie. Gorgeous sewing lady. xxbriony

  3. very cute, especially that little pocket and the little poppet wearing it x

  4. Divine. Both the PJ's and your little Stella (isn't it?).

  5. Those rabbits are too sweet!
    A perfect match with your little lady.

  6. Very cute! And I can see she is chuffed with them. My kids always loved mum made jim jams the best too. They keep you warmer you know? :-)

  7. How cute. both the bunny jammies and your little model.
    The collar looks fine Greer. x

  8. What a lovely cosy looking pair of jim jams, the shop ones don't seem to have a good thick quality of flannelette any more, yours look "toasty" warm.
    I used to make a similar pattern many moons ago, but always had to make the top longer or add extra length after a few months, as the middle area was too draughty and caused cold backs.
    Love the super cute bunnies !

  9. these pjs are totally gorgeous, you are a talented lady and your baby girl is ADORABLE!!!!!


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