Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday Lovelies

Spring! I've taken the turn of the calendar very seriously, sitting here, as I am now, in a T-shirt. Luckily, the weather is obliging, with a glorious show of blue skies and sunshine. It seems my Winter is... project was just the 'break' I needed to get back in the swing, so I'm starting here today with my old friend, the Sunday Lovelies. It's a truth as old as the hills - nothing is more affirming than seeking out little pockets of beauty, even if all else is a whirlwind of chaos.

1) Go, baby girl, go!
2) These beauties lasted two entire weeks.
3) New supplies for my craft-loving monkeys. We are keeping the sticky tape and glue industries afloat, I'm sure.
4) I don't know how there could possibly be this many blooms in the garden given the quantity that make their way inside as little presents for mummy.
5) My three. I wish this photo had audio.

I have much to share in the coming weeks and months - I just hope my renewed enthusiasm is matched with a few spare moments here and there to get it all down on the screen.

Wishing you all a lovely week x


  1. Hasn't it been such a glorious first day of Spring!
    I really loved your Winter is series and am looking forward to your beautiful words again. xx

  2. Welcome back Greer...your Sunday Lovelies are indeed lovely.

  3. Don't you think Spring makes everyone feel little happier? I know I do!! Your Winter series was wonderful and I am loving the Sunday Lovlies. I am so glad I found your blog Greer!

  4. Ooh I have that same roses tin. Your blog is lovely. I'm just having a little poke about.


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