Friday, September 13, 2013

"The Third Nearly Killed Me"

One of the things I miss most about having my mum around is being able to ask her about when she was at the stage of her life that I'm at now - being a mother to small children. Gosh, how I'd love to sit her down now and have her answer a few questions. Like, were we (my siblings and I) ever this much of a handful? Were we this funny and delightful?  Did we test every single boundary and push every single button?

Last night, I stumbled across a little card in a box of keepsakes. It was sent to my parents when I was born. It was probably one of only a handful - poor, deprived third children don't get as much attention as the first ones, don't I know!!!

Oh, how it made me laugh, that one small line: "Trust you are not too frazzled and have help - the third nearly killed me." Reassuring words from one mum to another. Proof that life and mothering was just as...challenging back in the mid-'70s as it is today.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.


  1. Such a lovely keepsake Greer. So 70's old holly hobbie. I'm sorry you don't have Gubby to ask all those questions. I'm sure she'd shed some awesome light on the whole subject of juggling many small children. (BTW I don't imagine you were the kid that would tip anyone over the edge :) You're a delight.) xx briony

  2. Mum's answer to almost every question was: "you'll understand when you're a mother"...and now I understand.
    So i suppose Greer, however you are feeling is exactly what your mum would tell you anyway. xo

  3. I have been thinking about this a lot parenting has changed since I was a wee one but how it is fundamentally the same.
    My mom is of no help...she only (erroneously) remembers my sister and I as being good girls. Perhaps I should ask her for techniques to develop a very selective and positive memory!

  4. That's so funny! And true, I suspect. I'm the eldest of three girls and I think my youngest sister would have a lot to say about being the third child. A wonderful keepsake. x

  5. I've just had my third, so this made me laugh! She hasn't nearly killed me yet, but it is early days!

  6. I did not risk a third as I could see it being the start of a swift descent to insanity. You managed to gets thirds by default it seems! My mother (helpfully?) points out that my son was just like me as a child and she tolerates his peculiarities quite well. My daughter on the other hand she says must take after the "other" side of the family and has no words of wisdom there! mel x

  7. My third snuck in while we weren't looking it seems, and he's such a firecracker... i can nod in agreement with your mum's friend. I have to admit though that there are also times when he's my favourite! I've heard many people say if you have three, have four, because 3 is the hardest number of kids to wrangle. NOT about to try to find out if this is true ;-)


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