Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Vintage Summer Princess

I love her for her imagination, her inquisitiveness, her stubbornness, her silliness.

I love her relentless requests to do "craft", to "investigate", to catch butterflies in the garden.

I love that she can suddenly ride a bike like an old pro, can suddenly read whole books on her own, will make up a song and stop whatever she's doing to write down the lyrics.

I love that she suggests dinner on the lawn, then declares, "Well, isn't this pleasant," as we share our rice with the mozzies.

I love her intensely choreographed dance routines, and that they're often to the songs from Broadway musicals. (And I love how far back in her head her eyes roll when I try out one of my routines on her...)

I love her gappy grin, her impossibly thick hair, her limbs that seem to stretch out longer and thinner every time she falls asleep.

And I love that, given free rein in my fabric stash, she doesn't hesitate before selecting a lairy vintage sheet for her new summer dress (and that when she tries it on the first time, she says, "It's just like a ball gown!") 


Dress F from Girls Style Book by Yoshiko Tsukiori.


  1. Bless her cotton socks or her lovely vintage ball gown! It's amazing how fast they grow :) and Lola is growing into a gorgeous young girl xo

  2. I believe that print was in style when I was a kiddo. Lovely dress and the photos caught her happy spirit :)

  3. Just gorgeous Greer. Your girl, the dress and your words. x

  4. Beautiful post. And beautiful photos...that one of her spinning is perfect!

  5. I am sure she is thriving on your love and appreciation of her as an individual and her beautiful spirit.
    It is a bit sad that a lot of kids these days don't have the close network of cousins, Aunts, doting Grandmas, "aunty" Lucy up the street and the friends next door etc. to remind them how loved and special they are....some of us grew up in a different time, we always knew how important we were to everyone on a daily basis.

  6. The girl has good taste! It's a gorgeous dress for a gorgeous girl. x

  7. Oh my goodness, Lola sounds so wonderfully delightful. And that vintage sheet 'ballgown' is gorgeous.


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