Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Pickings

A change in our living circumstances this year has meant we don't have a garden, at least not much of one to speak of. We have land, a huge expanse of vacant lawn, but lack of inspiration and the short-term rental thing means we haven't done anything out there. But we live at the end of a little dirt lane, one that I meander down regularly. And a recent wander revealed a bounty of produce. So one evening last week, my babes and I went a-foraging to see what we could see.

When we returned, we had a big bucket of wild plums, a posy of pretty weeds, apple branches that we twisted together with some mysterious berried shrub to form our Christmas wreath (and the tiny apples looked quite festive, too, in a glass bowl) and a bunch of spiky holly. It brightened up our 'for now but not forever' home beautifully. All in all, a festive foraging success.

Oh, and Merry Christmas! I hope yesterday was fun and messy and noisy and a just little bit excessive - it certainly was for us.

{I'll be back in a couple of days to show you what we did with those wild plums}


  1. Beautiful pictures of your girls out foraging, how fantastic to be able to do that just down the road.
    Merry Xmas

  2. Gorgeous images Greer. Merry Christmas to you and your girls. Xx

  3. Merry Christmas, Greer! For us Christmas is always a snowy affair, it's such a delight to see your lovely flowers.

  4. merry Christmas! your girls are growing fast and look oh so happy :)

  5. Such an idyllic scene! I had a dream last night that I was crying because I don't live in the country- and your pictures just brought it all back... sigh. Happy Christmastime to your lovely family Greer x

  6. I'm never quite sure about Christmas in December, I'm such a northern hemisphere girl, but if it looks like this, yes please!

    Wishing you and yours a fabulous 2014 Greer x

  7. Your girls are looking so tall now, and beautiful in all your vintage sheet creations. Happy Christmas to you. mel x

  8. Merry Christmas, lovely Greer. Wishing you all a brilliant year ahead!


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