Sunday, December 22, 2013


I was digging around for my Christmas spirit. I knew I'd left it somewhere. After the year we've had, the loss, the massive change, I wasn't sure where it could be.

And then, in the space of 24 hours, we hit up a local carol evening, and sang and danced in the rain. We drove home via the crazy lit-up Griswold houses. We visited Santa for the obligatory half-thrilled, half-terrified photo. We travelled along beautiful country roads to pick out a tree and cut it down. And we chose a corner of our home in which to set it up and decorate it.

And suddenly, there it was. Suddenly I was making pompom garlands and homemade gifts for teachers, downloading Bing Crosby and ordering ham. Every evening we turn on the lights and do a stocktake of the pressies underneath the tree. 

No, you can't open them yet. Yes, you have to wait till Christmas morning. 

Only three more sleeps.


  1. It's the little things, the simple things that bring out that Christmas spirit.
    Lovely photos of your girls putting up the decorations. x

  2. So glad you found your Christmas Spirit. The girls and you will have a magical day. It's a beautiful tree. x

  3. Those are a beautiful set of Christmas Photos and decorating the tree. When the kids think of Christmas in years to come they will remember decorating the tree you cut down for them. I'm sure you are thinking "it's not the same as last year or what I had planned for my life" but because you made the effort the Christmas Spirit is there and Christmas is all about kids. Somehow those Christmas lights on the houses makes everything seem magical. Wishing you and your beautiful girls a safe and happy Christmas this year. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  4. Ha ha...we check our presents under the tree too...and Toddler C is so literal at the moment that all the presents have to be exactly under the tree...they cannot stray!
    I am so glad that you found your Christmas spirit...I hope you and your girls have a merry and magical Christmas! And best of luck for 2014!

  5. Ah, there you are. I thought I'd lost you. :-)

    So happy to read this. Hope it's a peaceful one. Lots of love xxx

  6. The twinkle lights help, yes? Happy Christmas!

  7. Beautiful pics as always. Hope you had a lovely Christmas.


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