Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Conversations #1

L and I are always chatting, and I'm always saying to myself, "I must write that down," when she says something particularly funny or insightful or bizarre. So I thought I'd begin a conversations series to record some of our special exchanges.

In the car on the way home from swimming -

L (age 3): Mummy, you're like a worm.
Me: (slightly offended, yet quizzical) Really? How's that?
L: You're really straight.
Me: (even more offended, sudden memories of high school, thinking I might cry if she tells me I'm square too) Oh, is that right?
L: Yeah, you're really tall and long.
Me: (relieved) Oh, I see.

This is the kid who was playing with a little girl in the park the other day and, when I went over to check on her, she said, "Mum, this is Charlotte. Charlotte, this is Greer." And that's her in the picture up there having a picnic with her teddies and dolls. (She's worn the Santa hat to bed two nights in a row now.)

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