Friday, September 10, 2010

Lola got blocks for Christmas last year. They're very shiny, cost a mint and are rarely brought out to play. They're little blocks, great colours and shapes, but dainty and tidy and not quite what I was looking for when I forked over the 70 bucks I paid for them one sunny day last  December.

Last Sunday I came across these chunky vintage blocks at the Rozelle markets. They're heavy and solid, the perfect size for serious tower stacking, and higgledy-piggledy enough as a set to inspire a bit of  imagination. I think they might even be hand-made - you can see the wood grain through the bold coloured paints. In fact, they're exactly what I wish I'd bought when I got those other blocks. And for $8, I'm starting to think this 'thrifting' game might be a bit of fun.

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