Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Few Things...

..giving me no end of pleasure on an otherwise humdrum day:

:: A completed, hand-made floor cushion for the book nook.

:: Beautiful, brand-new couch FINALLY chosen and ordered (less pleasing is that it won't be delivered till January).

:: Lovely new striped maxi dress from a well-known chain store that is surprisingly flattering on my how-do-you-say "slightly frumpy" post-twin-pregnancy frame. I might just get out of jeans a few times this summer.

:: One little peanut delighting in sitting independently, which has meant less of the whingeys and more happy upright playtimes. And I reckon her sister is only a few days away from doing the same. (Check out Esme doing downward dog on the rug. I didn't notice that till just now...)

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