Thursday, November 25, 2010

Spring top

The yarn sat in my stash for over a year. I finally cast on four months ago. I was 99.9% finished weeks ago when I ran out of wool with just the tiny neck band to go. The place I bought it had sold out but, amazingly, I found someone in Sydney via Ravelry with a single ball of the exact wool in the same dye lot, and she was willing to sell. It arrived in the mail last week. I finished the neck band two nights ago. I sewed in the ends last night. I washed and blocked today and it dried quickly in the glorious sunshine. And now, with five days till summer, my spring top is finally finished. Something tells me it will have its day come autumn.

It's the Sage Remedy Top knit in Eki Riva Casual alpaca and took just over 8 skeins (I added about 4cm to the length which may explain the shortfall).

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  1. Hiya Greer. Just thought I'd see what you wrote up about this little beauty. Have you been wearing it? I wish I had the forethought to add a few centimetres in length but yes, I probably would have run out of yarn too! Do you think it is small for an XL? Or perhaps, like me, you didn't do a gauge swatch (my first pet hate, up there with seam stitching and picking up stitches hahahaha). ok, nuff stalking you. xxx Fi


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