Thursday, November 4, 2010


I've joined in my first ever KAL (that's knit-along) and, for added spice, this one's a mystery KAL. That means the pattern is fed to us in small stages, and we don't know what it is we're making, except that it's a garment for a child (I've chosen the girl pattern, for obvious reasons). To start with, I battled with the long-tail cast-on method. Think: me sitting in front of computer with hands and needles and wool everywhere trying to follow online tutorial, swearing and sighing all the way. The first time I tried this I failed. This time I cracked it and now I actually get what the point is - it's a very loose, elastic cast-on for what I suspect is the neck.

It's all been put together by Tikki, who is an Australian children's knitwear designer. I'm just a bit excited. We'll see how it goes. The Ravelry page for it is here

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