Sunday, April 3, 2011

Her Dress

I did say I'd post about the dress Lola's mum made her to wear to her sisters' christening. Some time ago I bought this book, and while I loved having a flick through, I think I decided most of the clothes were just a bit 'carefree'. All those unfinished hems and lopsided patches seemed a bit contrived. But then, on closer inspection, it occurred to me the basic patterns were great, and I could do what I wanted on the embellishment side of things. 

So here we have the Dress with Ruffle Trim in a fabric from Ikea (!), lined with simple calico and all - against instructions - hemmed. I added some broderie trim that I bought recently at an amazing antiques shop in Rozelle and used one of those beautiful buttons on the back.

The little miss refused to stand still and be photographed, but I can vouch for the fact she looked mighty sweet. She just wishes it was pink.

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  1. I disagree Lolie - dress better this colour!


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