Thursday, April 14, 2011


Three funny rabbits for my three girls this Easter - and with over a week to spare! Don't look too close, my hand-stitching skills are far from perfect. And I do believe that cream and purple bunny has a leg on backwards. That's what happens when you stitch while reading Richard Scarry's 'Funniest Storybook Ever' for the millionth time in a day.

Pattern from here.


  1. Love Richard Scarry - have you got the one about all the cars?? Hilarious! Cucumber car!!! The rabbits are gorgeous - look like the "Guess How much I love you" Rabbits. Your rabbits will love the rabbits xxx

  2. Shouldn't you be in labour instead of leaving comments on blogs, lady?

  3. Ummmm..... yes.... Could you kindly inform the foetus of this!!!!


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