Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm Saying Nothing

I'm posting about this new little vest today because it's finished and I felt I should. But it's not for anyone in particular. No.

There may be a few women in my life expecting babies at the moment, but they shouldn't draw any conclusions from this. This was just a breezy easy knit for no-one in particular. No, no-one. Just a happy, pleasant, while-away-the-hours kind of knit to be gifted when the time is right to...well, anybody really. Just for fun. For the enjoyment of it.

So if any of my pregnant friends reading this thinks this is for them, I wouldn't be able to say either way. No decisions have been made, you see. It's just a simple, casual, lovely vest with a couple of wonky owls up the side (knitting in the dark at the movies has its downside) in a gorgeous tweedy Jo Sharp yarn. Made for no-one in particular.

Especially not for any Queensland babies due a week ago whose mums are really into green...and owls.

PS And on that note, welcome little Olive Rose, my second baby for 2011, born this morning in Toowoomba. Now that I know you're a girl, I'm off to buy the yarn for a cardi to see you through your first winter. Can't wait to meet you, little one x

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