Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Big Country Move

What's that funny sound? That's me squeaking and grunting from beneath a massive pile of boxes. The truck comes tomorrow. The big country move is finally happening.

Things might be quiet here for a few days till the dust settles. But I'll be back with a bang. Typically Red goes 'village'. There's lots to talk about from the past weekend, including the wedding of the year. I've even got a crazy wedding cake tutorial for you. Some pretty vintage stuff to show off. New books and old. Not much knitting, but just you wait.

Wish us luck! (Go on, I'm a bit anxious...)

Oh, and for those who asked, that last photo was of one of the local kangaroos that frequent the caravan park where we stayed on our holiday. It must look quite amusing for you Northern Hemisphere dwellers.

See you on the other side!


  1. Oh my goodness, BEST OF LUCK with the move! I'm sorry we haven't managed to catch up. Just Aimee here for lunch, which was lovely. Can't wait to see how the tree change goes! Kellie xx

  2. Good luck - hope all goes well! Chat soon Love Fazz

  3. Well...I should have read this post first before commenting on your this moment post (late). Oops. Hope your move goes smoothly and that you enjoy the blessing of a new home and area.

  4. I hope your move is a smooth and painless one!


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