Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ding-Dong Merrily

Beach holiday - check.
Wedding of the year - check.
End of year preschool stuff - check.
Move house - check.

What was that other thing on my to-do list? Ummmm... Oh, that's right. Christmas.

Ham's ordered. Tree's up. Lights have been festooned. Cheaty crafty decorations have been arrayed. Lovely cards and can't-wait-until-Christmas-morning-to-open presents have been displayed.

Come on, Santa. I'm ready.


  1. oh wow - your new house looks so gorgeous! So lovely to be in for Christmas... wishing you a very happy one!


  2. Your house looks fabulous Greer and nary an unpacked box to be seen. I do love that L couldn't wait to unwrap her pressie. Wishing you oodles of festive cheer. Sue xx

  3. Sending you big wishes for a Merry Christmas,, Greer! Hope it's just delightful in your new abode. Kellie xx

  4. Nude baby in picture..check!

  5. Wow you look very settled and so quickly, the house looks amazing - well done!! Hope you and your family have a wonderful first Christmas there. xx

  6. Merry Christmas to you and your family Greer! And congrats on the big move. You deserve a big chilled glass of wine or two or three... x

  7. Have a wonderful Christmas in your new home and thanks for your comments to sorry its taken me so long to be in touch sometimes a post is all I can manage...perhaps that could be my NY resolution to pass on comments of my own but then again with a newborn so to arrive I don't like my chances...just know that I appreciate it and enjoy reading your blog too!


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