Thursday, March 15, 2012

From the Postman

Two packages of lovely arrived in the post this week. First up was my return haul from the Vintage Sheet Swap at Green Tea and Red Nails. Look at all that florally old-fashioned beauty. 30 fat quarters in total. I'm not sure what the plans are yet - apart from some dedicated stash building - but I'm sure I can turn it into something, or many things, worthwhile.

Next up was a sneaky little yarn order from one of my favourite suppliers, Suzy Hausfrau. The Baby Cashmerino, an old favourite, is an urgent knit for a little girl who is attending a very big wedding in just over a week. The dress we have planned is bare-shouldered and something tells me she might need a little more coverage on a cool Melbourne afternoon.

And the BC Garn is new to me. It's a Danish yarn that I'm really looking forward to working with. The brown is some chunky organic wool destined for a winter cowl for me, and the deep blue is a silk-wool blend with no intended destination yet. I just couldn't resist. Look how smooshy and squishy it is.

These two are my vintage sheet favourites. So girly and colourful. Don't you love it when the postie brings packages rather than bills?


  1. Lovely packages always brings a smile :) I have an orange version exactly the same as your blue favourite fabric....I turned it into a cute dress for my miss 6. Look forward to seeing what happens to yours!

  2. I would love your postman! The florals are fab.

  3. HOW LOVELY:))

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! ~B

  4. Gulp. I think I need to start hanging around your letterbox! (promise not to be as evil as that really)...


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