Monday, March 5, 2012

Man Talk

I threatened a while back to show you some of the vintage knitting patterns I've been finding lately. The stash is growing quickly enough that I think I could call it a collection. And it is eye candy in all its high-necked, skin-tight, hilarious lairy glory. So today, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a selection from the men's department.

Did someone say negative ease? I doubt these jumpers could get much tighter. These lads may look relaxed and fancy-free in the pics, but I bet they spend all day pulling at the bottom of the jumpers to stop them from riding up as they tug desperately at the neck line, gasping for breath. And at the end of a long day, they get home, peel off their clothes, and their torsos are lined with ribbed indents.

I'm not sure what's more startling here - the brown shirt and tie, the yellow vest, the mo or that hair. What is with that hair?!

Crocheted waistcoat, anyone? Imagine rocking up to your high-powered city job with that on under your suit coat.

It's not the handknits that appeal to me here as much as the expression on their faces. I am far too sophisticated for fart jokes, but seriously...

I've been wondering, if I were to knit this mustard skivvy for the GM, would he wear it with a leather belt and a jaunty neckerchief, and thread daisies through my hair as I gaze off into the middle distance...

No, this is definitely more the GM's style. 

And my absolute favourite...drumroll please...

..the crocheted poncho.

Man Talk. Uh-huh, uh-huh.


  1. *laughs a lot*

    That red crocheted waistcoat is amazing - is it just me or does the shape of the bottom make it look like it should have attachments for stockings and suspenders?!

  2. Oh those made me laugh on a Monday morning! Like pinkundine, I also like the red crocheted waistcoat. x

  3. I like the romance in Patex. There's nothing more romantic than your man plucking nits from your hair, chimpanzee style.

  4. Oh my these are such a classic I definitely think my mister would look pretty swoosh wearing that waistcoat to work;) I have offered on many occasions to crochet him a tie but he always refuses I wonder why;) (lol)
    Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts. xx

  5. they look like retro actors ;D

  6. You have made my day! I think the red crocheted waistcoat is perfectly suits for men from the Wall Street :)

  7. Oh my goodness, I am laughing so hard I'm in tears here...thank you for this!

  8. Funny funny funny! You find some 'pearl'ers!

  9. oh thank you, i needed a laugh. i can't decide if that sideswept hair or the poncho is funnier. or the crocheted waistcoat. or...

    okay, it's just all funny.

  10. Bahahaha! So funny. I especially like the Ron Burgandy lookalike...the man with the mo.

  11. OMG that poncho is AMAZING! I have stacks of my mother's old patterns and there are some treasures..but you win with that poncho.


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