Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Lovelies

Some loveliness from the week:
1) Surprises bursting through the lawn.
2) No-knead bread. So good. So easy.
3) Feeling a little less anxious about the fast-approaching winter.
4) More floral discoveries in the garden.

And that was all the loveliness I could capture before I dropped my camera and broke my loveliest lens. Very unlovely indeed.

Hoping for many more flowers and some easy (and cheap) repairs this week.


  1. I am also suffering without my DSLR lens working - really need to get it fixed! Great photos though . Thanks for the bread link too!

  2. Oh no - I hope the lovely lens is fixed speedily, and cheaply. xx

  3. oh dear! crossing fingers for a quick and inexpensive repair!


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