Saturday, October 27, 2012

Out of the Archives: Vintage Handcrafts

Originally posted August 2011

Having recently discovered the fun that can be had op-shopping, I've started to amass a small but charming collection of vintage craft books. This recent find from 1972 is a true delight, with a variety of "novelty articles to sew", some smocking and crochet, as well as an assortment of "decorative articles from tulle". I was drawn in by the author's rather  lofty claims in the introduction - "How many times have you bought a handcraft book and have only used one article from it? In this book there is a use for every article." Every article? Really?

At first I wasn't sure if I'd have much use for this tulle swan, but the author Mrs Harris suggests it would be lovely for a wedding, especially if made in a colour to match the bridesmaids' dresses. I'll keep it in mind for my friend's wedding in December. I'm thinking peach tulle, Amanda.

I don't own a great many pairs of stockings, but the few I have would fit beautifully into this useful stocking bag. Mrs Harris suggests hanging it on a hook in an inconspicuous part of the bedroom, but I say something as classy as this should be out on display, perhaps somewhere near the front door.

Who wants their Mixmaster uglying up the kitchen bench? Better to cover it in something that is far more aesthetically pleasing and not cluttering in the slightest. I wonder if it works for KitchenAids too...

And this one's pure genius! My kitchen string is always a shambles, getting knotted up and twisted around the clingwrap and alfoil in the drawer. Wouldn't this not-even-slightly-freaky-looking monkey string holder solve all that? There's a doll face version too, but I reckon the monkey wins hands down. Now if only I can find 1 plastic monkey face...


  1. Love these..the mixmaster cover that looks like it's been removed from a toilet...those kinds of dolls always decorated the spare in the '60's! The monkey face with the pink ribbon is a classic too..still laughing!

  2. haha - I love this post! I wonder if craft books from this decade will be viewed in a similar way in another 40 years!

  3. You know, my mixmaster is a right eyesore- better whip up one of those dollies this afternoon ;)

  4. This was truly one of my all time fav posts....glad to see it has been revived!!! Have seen the Fernando creations....still yet to see the stocking holder at the front door, let alone that crazy red kitchen aid adorned with she-wolf!!!! xxx

  5. That monkey string holder might be vintage but it is CREEPY. Really creepy. I love books like this. x


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