Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Lovelies

Some lovelies before the holiday begins:
1) The jasmine is finally in bloom. Its scent transports me instantly to my childhood.
2) Potted chives going crazy.
3) Some final pieces falling into place before the big shop launch.
4) Retro mama-made shorts. Makes her go faster.
5) A sneaky last-minute addition to the suitcase.
6) A carpet of tiny flowers after a windy day.

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead x

And before I forget, I've signed on for Christina's wonderful ornament swap. Tonight's the last night to throw your hat in, so head on over and read all about it.


  1. Love love love the shorts! And I'm so looking forward to hearing more about #3, v.exciting! Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday Greer! xx

  2. Have a great time away, love the photos, and the shorts are great! x

  3. Great pics - I can almost smell that beautiful jasmine. Bon voyage & have fun in the sunshine,

  4. ooo I am so looking forward to your shop! Thanks for the link - just popped over and joined in xx

  5. Those shorts are too sweet! Safe travels!

  6. The shorts are them! Jasmine is the most wonderful fragrance, one of my favourites:)

  7. Love, love those sweet! Have a wonderful, safe and stress free holiday!

  8. Lovely Lovelies today. Great shorts. And I am liking the Typically Red label in the third photo very much. xx

  9. I love the smell of fresh jasmine! Good luck on the new shop.


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