Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Lovelies


It's the last day of school holidays, the first of daylight saving. Summer's a-comin', and we've spent so much time this week outdoors. A busy week it's been, full of friends new and old, and the discovery of new favourite places.

1) To the creek (part 1)
2) A posy picked from our garden. Our garden!
3) Digging for worms.
4) A visit from a favourite.
5) Home-baked bread.
6) To the creek (part 2)
7) Collecting flowers.

Here's to a lovely week filled with late-sleeping babies, now that dawn has shifted forward an hour!


  1. Looks like a wonderful end to the holidays!

  2. I love the digging for worms pic - dirt laden hands are a familiar site in our house with my wee boys. Soapy baths are often required!

  3. I'm raising my glass to late-sleeping babies. x

  4. Love your pic of two laughing girls! My clock scared me this morning. We don't have daylight saving here in Queensland but the T-Hub was tuned in to southern time and I thought I was an hour late for church when it said eight thirty instead of seven thirty!

  5. I especially love the picture of "a visit from a favorite." Those girls could not be any sweeter! Summer must be coming your way, as winter is quickly approaching here!

  6. i can just about hear them giggling from here!!! very cute!

  7. simply lovely...would you mind sharing your bread recipe? it's making me drool!

  8. What a truly delightful way to end the holidays...the start of school is still a week away for us so we are making the most of being outdoors too.

  9. Beautiful pictures, full of light and spring and nature. I hope your kids slept in for you! (mine never seem to...)

  10. I can hear the giggles & squeals of delight from here! Gorgeous girls captured so well by gorgeous Mama. xx


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