Sunday, July 7, 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013" via Che and Fidel.

Lola: Always cutting and pasting and drawing and writing. The other day she came to show me a picture she'd drawn of a "man sitting in a crescent moon with a fishing rod fishing in a pond."
Pearl: There have been a lot of parties recently. Last week she wanted a tiger on her face. Today she insisted on one plait and one ponytail.
Stella: I will never tire of hearing her chase after her big sister calling, "Lolls! Lolls! Hey, Lolls!"

Previous 52 portraits here.


  1. Lolls! How lovely! Have I told you how precious your little girls are Greer?!

    Sophie xo

  2. Your girls make me smile everytime I see your images or read the words that go with them. mel x

  3. Your girls are SO adorable. I smile each time I click across to your weekly portraits x

  4. Lolls, how sweet! All three girls are so pretty.

  5. These are beautiful. I can just imagine how your Stella chasing after her big sister. What sweetness. My middle one used to chase his big brother the same way. Thinking very much about you these days. xo

  6. Beautiful glimpses into your girls lives and personalities.


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