Thursday, March 24, 2011


The big sister got a new dress for her sisters' christening on the weekend. More on that soon. Given it had rained all week in the lead-up, I thought it might be cool enough to warrant a little cardi. This one was on the needles but still had a way to go. I persisted, and at 1am the night before the big day, I was weaving in the ends and sewing on the beautiful buttons.

Of course, next afternoon, the sun came out, and what with all that chasing after her big boy cousins, there wasn't a chance she needed a second layer. So it was all for nought.

Well, not entirely. These autumn days are cooling down. Perfect weather for a little cap-sleeve cardigan in a wool/cotton blend - colour: Buttercream.

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  1. You are so bloody clever!! Loved seeing this 'on the needles' and love, love, love it finished. Are those 'fazzy buttons'?



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