Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Five things

Five things about this kid, aged 3 1/2, that make me smile:

1) Having decorated her paper dragon to within an inch of its life, she declares, "We  need to craft him more";
2) She addresses her sisters, several of her toys and even a few friends with 'darling';
3) Faced with the entire array on display in an ice-cream freezer, she still always chooses a lemonade icy pole;
4) She asks, very earnestly, "Didn't I swim beautifully today, Mummy?";
5) She always, always, must depart anywhere and anything with "a cuddle and a kiss."


  1. OMG so funny - we need to craft him more - I love it! Maybe Lola can take over my empire!

  2. I keep telling her the mark of a good artist is knowing when to stop! She can be the craft princess to your queen.


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