Wednesday, March 30, 2011


My all-talking, all-walking, all-singing-and-dancing youngest gal has a new cardigan. This one is called In Threes and was such a quick knit. The yoke is similar to Lola's Buttercream, only hers needed the stitch count to double for each of the gathered ridges, which was a true time-taker. This one was just garter stitch to stocking stitch and back again a few times, with a few increases as it went along. Most of it was completed last weekend on our "minibreak" down the coast with a group of lovely friends - such easy, mindless knitting that could happen while the conversation, and wine, flowed. I've used one of my favourite yarns, Cascade 220, in the colour Persimmon. And those beautiful buttons again!

By my count, that's a new mama-made knit for each of my girls in the space of less than three weeks. Not too shabby.


  1. Greer, I'm calling you this weekend. Need to discuss urgent button business! Your knitting and photography are making my buttons look amazing!

  2. Gorgeous colour, glorious buttons, super-model..... what more can I say...?

  3. This little cardigan is just beautiful. And, the buttons take it over the top.

  4. Hi to your site so just begining to explore!! But had to jump in and say that cardi is just Divine! Well done you :)


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