Friday, March 4, 2011

2011 Baby #1

I'm expecting four new babies in the first half of this year. Well, not me personally, but four very dear girlfriends of mine are all due soon. Make that three. The first baby was born last week, a sweet little girl for my good friend in Hong Kong.

So I whipped up this dress and bloomers set yesterday...she said ever so casually, when in reality it took the best part of an evening and most of the next morning and then some of that afternoon, and involved ripping out at least three seams, recutting a new sleeve after the first one failed and almost throwing the whole thing across the room in the elastic-threading-in phase. Ahh, sewing, it's just so relaxing.

It's the Sweet Baby Dress pattern again, made with another vintage pillowcase, as well as Lotta's bloomers in some linen/cotton blend. Lovely.

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