Monday, July 4, 2011


Someone got a kite and some binoculars for her birthday. Oh, and a new mummy-made knit.

I thought I'd upsize a bit to make it last. However, I might have gone a bit too far. She probably won't fit into it for another year...or more.

It's a lovely little tunic by Cecile Levesque. Pattern from here. I love that picot sewn hem.

Yarn is the glorious Cascade Eco again, as used previously here. This time the colour is 'Antique'. Here's the Ravelry link. Goodnight.


  1. Hello Greer! Hope I didn't offend. Greer is a lovely name, Greer Garson being one of the loveliest actresses. But is it also a word too? I should just look it up! Sweet blog you have over here, love the knit. Congratulations on the newbie. X

  2. She'll be fitting it in a flash, you'll see. Clever lady making such beautiful creatures AND knits! Xb

  3. that's gorgeous...honestly...i wish i was that talented! happy birthday to your little girl too.

  4. Hi there, I'm having so much trouble ordering this pattern on raverly. It keeps telling me the order page is not available. :( Ideas? Suggestions? Thanks so much!


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