Sunday, July 3, 2011


I remember clearly the moment I fell in love with you. The real you, I mean. I'd been in love with the mythical creature in my belly for nine and a half months before you arrived.

I'd had you for most of a day, most of which I spent looking at you with a puzzled expression. You didn't look like who I was expecting and I wasn't sure who you were.  I think I might have been a bit wiped out from our big night and your unexpectedly madcap delivery after such a steady labour.

So it's true - I felt a bit nonplussed.

But then it happened. The visitors left, your daddy went home to get some rest, the maternity ward quietened. And I looked at you and felt it all come rushing in. You were so beautiful. And you were mine. Such grand love.

You're the one who made me a mum. How lucky am I! Happy four, funny face.

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  1. Precious Lolie, I too remember that day.... the day the news arrived...a pink bundle of love...the Showgirl! How you have blessed the lives of many, and how loved you are. Happy birthday poppet!


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