Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Will Not Be Blogging Tonight

I will not be blogging tonight. I will not be blogging and I will not be looking at other blogs either. I won't collapse on the couch with a sigh and turn on the TV, then grab my knitting and sink into the evening. I won't open the GM's laptop and upload a few photos and head to Blogger and click 'New Post'.

I will do none of these things because if I don't finish this bl@#*y book soon, I might as well send the white flag up the pole. It has been weeks, at a rate of about half a page a night, two pages if I'm feeling sprightly. And now that Monsieur Ozu has finally entered the fray, things are actually moving along and I'm enjoying the story, so I can't even blame the slow beginning for this sloooooooow progress.

And I'm whipping up a Milo for my nephew's first birthday, oh, nearly two months ago. "Whipping up" as in knitting about four stitches every three days, and making a significant mistake halfway through the yoke requiring ripping back and starting over. I'm not frustrated at all. Nor even slightly sarcastic.

So I won't be blogging tonight. Sorry to disappoint. I'm off to bed to try and make some headway on that book so that I might finally be able to join in the Yarn Along with something new someday soon.


  1. sorry to read about your frustrations - quite right, switch the screens off (I'm about to do exactly the same). I've read that book twice - with a few years gap in between - and if it's any consolation I enjoyed it even more second time around! The Milo will be beautiful - lovely colour - and 1yo olds don't care if it's late ;0)

  2. Good luck with resisting the internet :) It is always tempting!!

  3. Good luck with the book. Sometimes I find it hard to fit in time to blog, read blogs, knit, cook, clean and read books too! I tend to have a bath, which for me is reading-only time (knitting the bath seems fraught with danger!)

  4. hee hee, me too.

    happy reading and non blogging.


  5. Oh yes, blogging (she's says with a roll of her eyes). I find it a time trap (sometimes). Good for you. Finish up that book.


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