Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Yarn Along and a Finished Project!

Yarning Along again, and would you look at me and my swatching! Ysolda would be impressed. I received a little parcel of Bendigo Woollen Mills yarn last week - four big fat 200g balls - and I'm so impressed with the colours and the prices, and most especially that it is Australian-made,  I'm hoping I'll love it enough to use it a lot. So I'm swatching away (halo a-shinin') to see how it feels to work with. 

And I've been permitted to begin working with this new wool because I finally finished something, albeit something tiny. It's a little Eden's Adam for my cousin's brand-new baby boy, and I used some lovely green Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece.

The reading situation is a bit dire at the moment. I'm just not getting into my current book, 'The Elegance of the Hedgehog' by Muriel Barbery, so I keep looking around for other stuff to grab my attention. Thus, I passed a quiet half hour this afternoon with the latest Delicious magazine and my Bendigo swatch and a nice cup of black coffee. Bliss.

Back on the topic of Australian yarn, while I'm not shy about buying European or American yarns, and have spent many lovely minutes oohing and ahhing over Madelinetosh and Quince colour palettes, I'm aware of how small the local wool industry has become. Even my favourite Aussie yarn, Jo Sharp, is made in Italy. I received an email from a pal today with a link to this project, which I think is great. I'm off there now to make my pledge.


  1. Fabulous color! And swatching? How clever, I really dislike to swatch. Your knitting project came out perfectly :)

  2. How incredibly sweet! The design is so simple - I like how the edges slant and the ribbing fading into the torso. I wasn't aware of the smaller local wool industry there. I always thought that Australia was known for its merino sheep. Maybe my history is off?

  3. Wonderful photographs! I seem unable to get good photos of my knitting lately so I am just checking out what everyone else is making! I dread swatching too.

  4. Hi! I could not get into The Elegance of the Hedgehog, either. I thought it was because I tried listening to an audio version while pushing the girls on a morning walk. Whatever the reason, I returned the copy to the library and went back to music on my walks. The vest is very cute.

  5. i agree with you! spend the money in australia to support the farmers. the local economy everywhere needs us. i love the sweater, it is adorable.


  6. darling sweater and a lovely shade of green. i love the idea of buying our wool local. great swatch!

  7. Pretty little vest for the wee one.
    Love Bendigo yarn - it sure is amazing quality for the price.


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