Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Knitting Lessons

I'm a bit under the weather this week. A bit moany and groany and achy. It's always fun spending time at home with your kids when you're unwell, isn't it? Even if they don't catch the lurgy, the moany and groany bit is contagious.

Here are the lessons I've learnt around knitting this week:

1) Don't for a minute think that just because the babies are playing happily and independently for the first time all day that you can grab a moment to knit a row. My attempt at a sneaky sit-down the other morning resulted in a faster-than-lightning Pearl dive-bombing into my lap. The coffee, which was naturally in my hand at the time, spilt - of course - landing all over my soft peachy pink knitting. Sigh*.

2) Yarn on the computer screen is never the same as in real life. I ordered some more lovely Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino this week, swayed by the beautiful subtle mustardy yellowy olivey shade. It seemed a bit different, and versatile too, able to tone down all that girliness that wangles its way into my house in the form of pinkpinkpink. When it arrived, beige. Simple, boring beige.

3) This book is even more fabulous than I expected, having heard and read so much about Ms Zimmerman's work. The title for March - Difficult Sweater (Not Really) - is enough to win me over. I look forward to tucking in for a good chuckle.

I have a finished project drying on the backyard table, a Baby Kina in the aforementioned soft peachy pink. Photographs of that soon. And if one of my most beloved readers notices some cherry red yarn amidst that lot in the picture above and suspects it might be destined for a little something for her little someone, I refer her here with a reminder of how slowly things happen in this house these days... Who am I fooling? How slowly things happen in this house these years.

Joining in with the Yarn Along again this week.

* Actually, it was more like a scream.


  1. ah i hope you feel better soon and no more lap jumping kiddos and coffee lands on your knitting. i hope you find some time for knitting.

    i love that book so much, it's always in my knitting basket. the shawl i'm working on is in the book. only i didn't follow ez's direction to use worsted, instead i used fingering. not the best idea. :)

    the peachy pink looks so pretty, i can't wait to see the f.o.

  2. The soft pink yarn looks so beautiful. I also love Elizabeth Zimmermann's books, you learn so much from them and she has an amazing way with words:)

    Take care

  3. That soft pink looks gorgeously soft and pretty. Such a shame about the colour of the yarn that turned out to be beige though - I love mustardy yellows so I can imagine how disappointing that must have been.

  4. So sad the new yarn did not live up to its colour promise. The peachy number is looking very pretty.
    Ooh - Red I like that - hope it gets a place in the knitting queue soon!

  5. Shame about the yarn colour, I've been hit that way a couple of times too. I have sooo been droping hints abot that book and yule giting here lol.

  6. Sorry that you're feeling moany & groany. Hope you (and your children) can feel better and replace the moans and groans with something else more fun. And oh! The yarn & coffee? Yuck. On a good note - you reminded me to get that book of Elizabeth's from our library again.

    I've been buying more yarn online since my LYS don't carry certain yarns, but I agree...colors can be so different in person. Is there a way that you can return the yarn?

  7. I've also had issues with yarn not being at all what I thought the computer screen was showing me. Blah.
    On the other hand, Knitters Almanac is a fabulous book. One of my favorites!

  8. I hope you'll feel better soon and will be able to do a bit of uninterrupted knitting. So many people rave about Elizabeth Zimmermann and I have yet to read a book by her. Me thinks I need to remedy that a.s.a.p.

  9. Aww, I hope you feel better soon.

    I love, love, love The Knitter's Almanac, too. There's some great advice in that book.

  10. I've had Elizabth Zimmermann on my wishlist for ages now, but hard to get by in the UK (for a price that's sort of reasonable, anyway).
    I've had the computer screen problem too since we moved away from any decent yarn shop - sigh.
    Anyway. Hope you'll feel much better soon. The Kina looks like such a lovely pattern!

  11. Enjoy your posts and can relate to feeling under the weather with little ones around. Feel better!

  12. I've been wanting to read that book forever! I need to remember to place it on my Christmas list again...

  13. I think that this is the story of my life with knitting and having babies :-) I figure in 5 or 10 years I might be able to knit a whole pot holder in one sitting...and maybe drink a hot cup of coffee :-)

  14. I so understand the baby and knitting thing. I can be sitting down to knit something and I swear my beautiful little niece, who really is the apple of my eye, will awaken out of a sound sleep and want to me love her the moment I knit one stitch. It never fails.


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