Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Long Weekending

This gloomy, wet long weekend, we:

:: Reached our internet download limit, which meant switching off the computers for a few days - unusually pleasant;

:: Bid a weepy airport farewell to my big sis and her family as they left for two years in Singapore;

:: Welcomed our latest houseguests - a few dozen chubby silkworms, over which we have temporary guardianship until the preschool term begins again;

:: Picked mulberry leaves in the rain to feed the houseguests (they don't stop eating!);

:: Watched with fascination as the first of them spun a bright yellow cocoon;

:: Urged the others to follow suit;

:: Made a lumpy-bumpy clafoutis with the beautiful ripe mulberries that came home with the leaves;

:: Had fun at a 4th birthday party catching up with good friends;

:: Kneaded and rolled the dough to make Shanghai dumplings from scratch - and the girls loved them;

:: Endured Enjoyed no less than two football grand finals.

:: Listened as one little girl mastered how to say (or shout) "I do!" and her sister perfected, "Me too!"

How was your weekend?


  1. Not nearly as eventful as yours - however the suggestion that our new family member, Wanda, made for an eventful Tuesday activity, was accurate.

  2. Wow those Shanghai dumplings look fantastic - forget Burke St bakery next time I visit, we'll eat in!


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