Monday, October 17, 2011


Well, that all looks very impressive, doesn't it? Two lovely packages of handmade goodness ready to send off to a pair of young men - my cousin's new baby boy, Cooper, and my nephew Oscar who turned one, ooh, about three years ago now (OK, the month before last). It would be impressive if there wasn't the very real risk that both boys will have outgrown the clothes before they receive them. 

I've shown the two vests before here and here. I made each boy a pair of the fabulously funky Quick Change Trousers as well, with a mixture of new and vintage fabrics. And to top it off, Cooper gets a onesie with a very, very simple applique.

Tomorrow I'm off to the post office, and when I return I'll grab a very large texta to mark these two little tasks, finally, off the list!


  1. greer! these are all so gorgeous. what lovely knitting and sewing you do. i am so impressed and am sure the reciever of these will be too as well (mama, maybe not so much baby). :)
    beautiful work. xxx

  2. The presents look fabulous. I love what you made for them, and yes the mum will be very happy to receive them.


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