Thursday, October 20, 2011

Paper Dolls

Playing with paper dolls today. I'm thinking puffy little ladies in vintage florals, holding hands all in a row. And wondering if I can resurrect the beige disappointment by mixing it up with some fair isle. Much work still to do.

More creative spaces here.


  1. Oh I think the red does help the beige! Good way of making a disappointment into a plus! I would really like to try colorwork in knitting. Do you have any tips? I'm thinking of specifically how you change from color to color - is there a special stitch or way of twisting the yarn so that there aren't holes?

    Is this your paper doll pattern? Very neat. There's a sweater on Ravelry (can't remember the name) but people have made paper dolls,owls,etc as the part of the yoke. That is one I'd like to try.

  2. I like paper dolls so much! You're inspiring me to think Autumn dolls here, a bunting or swag of girls in earth-toned dresses would be a great way to bring Fall to our island!

  3. Paperdolls are adorable, I haven't seen or made any in years... until you that is! Brilliant!

  4. love the paper dolls, can't wait to see the finished projects.


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